Lesson 5
So, it's time to test on our target audience. Since sprint design is usually carried out at the start of a project, it is very important to understand from the very beginning which steps will be taken after the sprint ends. To complete the project an action plan must be prepared. In the meantime, let's get back to testing the prototype. Usually it can be enough to interview at least five users (this will be enough to identify more than 80% of potential problems) that match your target customer profile. The questions and tasks your users get should correspond as much as possible to the actual use of your future product. It is best to record the testing procedure on video so that you can carefully review it together with the team and make the necessary edits. After that, use the board to draw a table of five columns for each of the five clients and a certain number of lines for each area or prototype’s task that they solved. Next, you need to segment the information received, prioritize and plan the adjustment of your idea. As a result, you will either have a ready-to-use concept, or a concept that requires improvements. And that's all, in fact.
Testing the prototype
Practical tasks