Lesson 4
A well-executed sprint ends with a feeling of joy and relief. The team has done the impossible in a few days! However, that is not yet it. You are also going to make corrections, share the results and collect feedback for the future. First, spend 20 minutes taking notes on your goal and write down the conclusions based on the work done earlier. After that, start generating ideas. Take another 20 minutes to put down some rough ideas. An important point is to write down everything that comes to mind, without filtering anything at this stage. Choose one of the best solutions and come up with eight variants of ideas related to it in eight minutes. After that, take 30 minutes or so to draw a detailed sketch of the solution to the problem. This sketch should be visual. If possible, there should be a visual solution similar to what the prototype will look like. After all the work done, find time for a group discussion of the solutions received. On this day, you don't really need to make a decision at this stage. Let the formulated ideas remain in the mind of each team member for a while. On this day, you need to focus on generating ideas, not filtering them.
Some practice
Practical tasks