Lesson 2
This technique can be used anywhere, but it proves to be most effective in startups. Creating a startup is always accompanied by uncertainty and great risks, so a timely assessment of an idea’s viability is extremely important if you do not want to remain bankrupt even before you come up with an MVP.
Okay, it's clear with startups, but why use sprint design in such giants as Google or Apple? The main thing that such giants get is the attention of their audience. When a company has a brand and has proven itself well, creating many innovations, it is the use of sprint design that has resulted into all that. There are several basic principles here: the market needs (and not just those of business) are taken into account, much attention is paid to the feelings that the product evokes in future buyers – it helps to make the client “fall in love” with you and your product; creating easy-to-use products, and last but not least, high-quality design, not just product functionality.
This technique allows you to transform failure into success in the market in order to eventually become a leader among competitors. The skills acquired at the sprint sessions can be applied to almost all aspects of creativity.

What does the use of sprint design give?
Practical tasks