Lesson 1
The goal of sprint design is to go beyond existing stereotypes and conventional ways of solving problems. This is what sprint design is. No need to wait for the MVP, because you can create a prototype! It is used by everyone from startups to giants like Google. How is it structured? It is a 5-day working session with the team, the main task is to test an idea’s viability in practice. To test the viability of an idea, it is enough to make a budget version of your product with features that will help solve the problem. In the case of a successful prototype, this can help to find the right solution, identify shortcomings and improve the product. In the case of a failed prototype, this can help to reject the hypothesis, save some time and money. If the prototype is successful, proceed to the next step. If not, try to solve the problem again. Simple as that.
What is sprint design?
Practical tasks