Level UP

Idea: Your DayToDay when You know what ToDO! I have found that there are No ToDO list apps which are as satisfying as my notepad, yet, as efficient as digital. I know you can relate to this in someway.

The idea is unique because of our Leaderboard Point and Award system. The app is designed not only to organise your day but also psychologically increase your motivation, consistency and discipline.

Problem: Wasted time and energy trying to remember what you have to do today. Level Up is designed to have you effortlessly stay on track with an advanced reminder system.
▪️ Bridges the gap between physical and digital ToDO lists. It's as satisfying as physical yet as efficient as digital.
▪️ Comfort Crisis… Latest technological advancements have allowed for people to become too comfortable. The app aims to consistently motivate users and build long term discipline and healthy habits.

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