3 Inspiring Startups 🦋💫

Package Free
Origin: New York 🇺🇸
Total of investments: $12,5 million

The company offers eco-friendly alternatives to plastic disposable materials. The aim of the startup is to foster zero-waste lifestyle and let people consume less. Package Free provides sustainable CPG products, first tackling those products which aren’t currently available through vendor partners.

Simply speaking, the startup collects eco-friendly goods and resells them. Besides different jars and bags, you can find steel straws or eco-friendly frisbee made of cannabis.

Lauren Singer founded the project in 2017. She started to advocate the importance of the environmental problems in her blog. Lauren measures the success of her project by the number of reduced plastic straws (over 4 million), bottles (3 million), and bags (1,4 million).

Origin: Mumbai 🇮🇳
Total of investments: undisclosed

The startup aims to tackle the problems when it comes to freelance. Both small startups and large companies use freelancers’ services. However, there is a number of obstacles. It may be difficult to distinguish a true professional from a fake one. Besides, it’s not quite clear how to assess their work and when to pay.

InstaTaskers offers a message board of freelancers with verified profiles. It also provides a reliable system for secure payments. This way, both companies and freelancers can avoid risks and streamline the process.

Origin: Vancouver 🇨🇦
Total of investments: 3 million

The startup produces low-sugar candies. These candies contain fewer calories and nearly zero sugar. This is a great analogue for those who love sweets but want to be healthy.

Tara Bosch always had a sweet tooth and understood those who can’t imagine their life without sugar. Even after watching documentaries about what harm sugar does to our health, Tara couldn’t help eating sweets.

Then she came up with a tasty alternative to candies from a supermarket. Tara created gummy bears that don’t increase the risk of obesity or diabetes. They contain a minimal amount of sugar and are full of natural ingredients.

SmartSweets gained a $100,000 grant from Peter Thiel — PayPal founder. Today low sugar gummy bears are sold across the USA. The startup’s valuation is $2 million.

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