How did Pokemon Go achieve its success?

Everyone probably knows about this game. Even those who have not played themselves have probably heard dozens of news about strange travels in search of Pokémon. Where did this excitement come from?

John Hanke, CEO of Pokemon Go studio Niantic, pointed out three main goals of the app that led to its success:

Exercises. Most sports apps require you to do something, so skipping a workout makes you feel guilty and quickly delete whatever reminds you of it. Pokemon Go only gives you an opportunity for a certain reward, and you yourself choose whether to use it.

Exploration of the world. The game pushes you to discover new places, get acquainted with historical buildings and beautiful views, since they are vaults or halls for pumping and battle.

Socialization. Players around the world share finds, organize excursions and searches. At high levels, cooperation with other players is essential for conquest. It gives people a reason to spend time together.

Before Pokemon Go, Niantic was best known for Ingress, a game that forced players to explore the world around them and conquer territories. Niantic has taken a lot from Ingress to make Pokemon Go a success.

Here comes The Pokemon Company, a joint venture that owns the rights to Pokemon, in which Game Freak, the toy maker Creatures, and Nintendo have equal shares.

Google and The Pokemon Company first worked together on April 1, 2014, when a short but very viral game came out in which you had to search for Pokemon using the Google Maps mobile application. People loved it - Google Maps with Pokemon was like "ice cream with chocolate chips," says Hanke. And so the idea was born.

In late 2015, Niantic split from Google. Nintendo and The Pokemon Company took part in a 20+ Million Investment Round to launch the project.

At E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) 2016, which runs from June 14-16 in Los Angeles, Nintendo officially unveiled the seventh generation of Pokémon games, Pokémon Sun and Moon.

“We have honored the spirit of the original game,” says Hanke. - "I like what we did."