How to Choose a Color for Your Brand? 🌈🎨

Some mistakenly underestimate the importance of a startup’s logo. But, in fact, this is a crucial element of your business that can influence people’s minds. It may either persuade them to make a purchase or, oppositely, alienate.

One of the key logo’s components is a color. Its function is to induce needed association with the brand, whether it’s care, speed, or durability.

Logo designers are certain that the correct understanding of the psychology of your brand’s color is the dominant factor in its viability.

Surveys show that the key criterion for 60-90% of potential consumers is color. Therefore, it has been scientifically proven that people choose products based on color. But how to choose the right one?

It all depends on your brand’s positioning. If you want to reflect experience and traditions, give a preference to classic colors. In case you like to keep your brand strict and yet modern, use more lively shades. When it comes to young, innovative projects, pay attention to multicoloring or a combination of different shades.

The color of the corporate identity is very important, which means that before you launch an online logo designer, you need to master the language of colors. Let’s have a look at the most popular options:

🟥The red color means a tandem of strength and passion, delight and love, but can signal danger as well.

🟧Orange is a real godsend for those who design a logo online. The color is happy and sunny, awakening the appetite, appropriate in retail, encouraging action. On the other hand, it might look cautionary since this is a shade of red.

🟨 The yellow color in the logo is a symbol of optimism and creative orientation of the company. However, it may look too pale, so be careful with it.

🟩Green is the color of freshness, tranquility, life, eco-friendliness, hospitality, kindness, and good quality. This is why so many eco-startups pick this color.

🟦Blue symbolizes honesty and reliability, but it can be also associated with

🟪 The purple color combines grandeur with pomposity in an amazing way. Do you need them in your trademark?

⬛️Black has a special meaning — it is the flagship of authority, luxury, classics, high style, but at the same time, resonates gloom and even mourning.

Choosing the color that best reflects the essence of the product or service you provide is a meditative process. So consider the following:

🔸The tastes of customers. Suppose you open a beauty salon. Its logo may be dominated by female colors. The provision of medical services, on the contrary, involves a complete rejection of flashy shades.

🔸The presence of a background. In real life, the logo will necessarily be placed on some background. It can be a wall, a door – their "color factor" in no case can be discounted. You also need to take into account the color combinations of the environment in which the logo will "live".

🔸Monochrome and multicolored. Do not rely too much on the color scheme. When choosing colors, make sure that the logo looks good in a single-color version. That is why it is better to make it in vector format.