Top Spanish foodtech startups🥘

Spain is famous for its national cuisine, so more and more startups are popping up in its foodtech industry. However those are no longer mere restaurants. These are progressive projects based on such key tendencies as diversity and sustainability.

Feltwood: food waste package 📦
Founded date: 2010
Total of investments: €460,000

The startup has developed an innovative approach to manufacture ecological industrial materials. The company produces low-cost, biodegradable, mouldable, recyclable, and compostable analogues to plastic materials and products, made from vegetal waste.

Feltwood’s materials are 100% plant fibers. They are plastic-free and hence a brilliant alternative to wood and plastic in many industries. Besides, the innovation helps manufacture pallets for fruit and vegetables, furniture, toys, and heat- and sound-insulting materials.

Cubiq Foods: healthy fats 🥗
Founded date: 2018
Total of investments: $16,5 million

The startup’s technology helps create a fat structure and reduce the amount of saturated fatty acids and caloric content without affecting the structure of the final product. In order to achieve it, special 100% vegan emulsion has been developed.

The company has developed a platform of cultivate fats for industrial clients. It is predicated on two key ingredients — Cubiq Smart OMEGA-3 and Cubiq Smart Fat. The company’s products can be added to ready-made products like lab meat in order to refine their structure.

Besides, the startup is working on transforming liquid fats into solid ones. In practice, they can be added to vegan burgers as an alternative to coconut oil full of saturated fats.

Heura: cultured meat 🥩
Founded date: 2017
Total of investments: $24 million

This is a plant based startup founded by food activists. One of its founders Bernat Añaños asserts that by 2050 there will be 10 billion people on Earth and little food to feed everyone.

In order to create Huera’s product, you need 94% less water if compared to the analogue amount of protein in veal. The company produces alternatives to chicken and steaks which are indistinguishable when tasting.

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