How to generate an idea?💡💵

Your business should be problem-oriented
A helpful tool — a thing which effectively solves a particular problem. Once someone got angry because they couldn’t put two boards together. Thus, the nail emerged and then a tool for using it — the hammer.

The hardest thing about generating an idea is that it should be close to you. It’s important not only to find any problem but to identify this one you would love to fix.

Make a problem list
Keep a small notebook in your pocket in order to write down all the problems you face. For instance, "I hate mopping" or "I can’t stand waiting for a taxi for a long time".

There are numerous problems in the world — small and big ones. Some people viewed them as opportunities, and, as a result, became the founders of great corporations such as Amazon or Uber.

Tackle daily problems
The more frequently people are faced with the problem, the more profitable it is likely to be. So pay attention to the challenges you come across every single day. Is there anything you could fix?

Find a problem you do care about
A business is easier said than done. You should enjoy your job and care about the problem. Only this way you can sell your idea to others, in both literal and metaphorical senses. Your idea should spark people’s interest.

Show the problem
Some successful startups appeared thanks to the problems no one had noticed before. This is what we call an innovation.

Many entrepreneurs struggle to come up with an outstanding idea because they don’t even consider this option. In order to understand what you can do, you should constantly learn and broaden your horizons.

Which method would you use? Maybe some of them helped you? Comment below ⬇️