Endless youth is real? Altos Labs’ breakthrough

Altos Labs develops technologies of biological reprogramming. Simply put, the company is looking for the ways of prolonging human’s life.

Once Yury Miller gathered a group of scientists to participate in a scientific conference. Participants discussed biotechnologies for human rejuvenation. Thus, Altos Labs was born. Now it is funded by Jeff Bezos - one of the richest people in the world. Currently Altos Labs attracted $270 million thanks to huge investments from wealthy men. They dream of endless youth, which is why are ready to give a bunch of money.

Now the company is studying the methods which could prevent ageing. In order to realize it, Altos Labs employs the scientists from universities so that they study cells ageing and create the recipe of endless youth.

Altos Labs spares no money for salaries offering $1 million a year. A list of prominent scientists have already joined the project, e.g. Jeniffer Dudna, Peter Walter, and Steve Horvat. But Altos Labs pin the main hopes on Shinya Yamonaka.
First of all, they will try to make cells work on human skin. Once they achieve it, all the investments will pay off. Millions of people would love to have young skin.

Startup’s philosophy is studies based on curiosity. Any cure for ageing can cost huge money. Though Altos Lab is not going to earn fast.

One of the main aims now is to manage reprogramming. This way it will be clear if they will launch it as a normal medicine or with the help of generic engineering. Besides, the company will use the technology for measuring the cell age.

Bezos claimed that nations, companies, and people should struggle for their uniqueness. Youth restitution is one of the ways to do it.