SpaceX: the way to space colonization 🌌🚀

Origin: the USA
Valuation: $100 billion

At the beginning of 2002, being a multimillionaire, Elon Musk couldn’t rest on his laurels. He decided to delve into a new mission — draw people’s attention to Mars. Throughout his life Elon had been dreaming of colonizing this planet.

The problem of this bold dream was not spaceships but the high cost of their launch. Musk didn’t want to pay American companies and set off to Russia to explore other rockets.

Eventually, Elon came to conclusion that it’s easier to build his own spaceships rather than trading with American corporations or making deals with Russian ones. That’s how the legendary SpaceX was born.

By 2006, the startup had designed the first launch vehicle — Falcon 1. However it broke down as one of its engines had wrecked. Only after 3 failed attempts, Falcon 1 managed to get to low orbit and deliver a unit of payload to the height of 500-700 km. That was the first successful orbit launch of a private spaceship.

In 2010, SpaceX built up the second spaceship — Falcon 9. It was heavier than the first one and comparable to a Russian analogue "Союз 9". Elon learned the lessons after a number of fails and succeeded to launch the rocket in 2010.

After a successful launch of Dragon, NASA and SpaceX signed a contract for 12 expeditions of the spaceship to ISS (international space station) until 2016. The agreement is worth $1,6 billion and to date 5 spaceflights have been completed.

Mars colonization
In 2012, Elon claimed that he had been working on spaceflights to Mars. His aim was to make a family flight cost $500,000 by 2029.

In 2014, SpaceX introduced next-generation reusable spaceships named Dragon V2, capable of landing anywhere on the planet. It was meant to transport astronauts to ISS and back to Earth.

Today, the main goals of SpaceX are really ambitious: reusable launch vehicles, a super heavy spaceship PH Falcon Heavy, private spaceport, and, of course, the long-awaited Mars colonization.

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