How digital health tendencies run our lives and money💉💰

Digital health tools have the vast potential to improve our ability to accurately diagnose and treat disease and to enhance the delivery of health care for the individual. Let us tell you about its tendencies and startups that follow them. If you haven’t read our trend about digital healthcare, check it out!

Digital medicine applies digital transformations to the healthcare field, incorporating software, hardware and services.

The technologies use computing platforms, connectivity, software, and sensors for health care and related uses. These technologies span a wide range of uses, from applications in general wellness to applications as a medical device.


⁃ Target treatment of oncological diseases
The innovations of target medicine are related the achievements in biotechnology. They cover a broad range of fields like pharmacy, artificial insemination, gene editing, and medication developing. Target medicine coupled with analytical platforms is effectively used to treat cancer and other incurable diseases.

Precision medicine is specialized in cancer subtypes. It is based on highly selective medications that damage malignant cells.

⁃ Distant monitoring of patient’s health
The tools of distant monitoring include a mobile device and an analyzing module. Those allow doctors to monitor patients with chronic diseases like diabetes, oncological and cardiovascular diseases beyond the hospital room.

ResMed is one of the successful examples. They offer cloud devices to manage apnea during sleep for asthmatic patients. The market in this segment is expected to reach $16 billion by 2023.

⁃ AI in telemedicine
Operative diagnostics, analytics of rare diseases, drug selecting, the design and search of molecules using digital libraries — just some of the areas of AI application. In conjunction with sensory innovations, artificial intelligence allows to examine patients remotely. AI will enable major scientific breakthroughs, accelerating the creation of new therapies and vaccines to fight diseases. AI-enabled digital therapeutics and personalized recommendations will empower consumers to prevent health issues from developing

However, contrary to futurologists’ expectations, the aim is not to replace med staff with digital doctors. They seek to support doctor expertise when selecting the treatment.

Botkin AI implements the algorithms in radiology to diagnose the risk of disease development. Russian company SkinScope integrates AI to analyze virtual images of chronic skin diseases. The platform ‘Third opinion’ develops complex AI solutions for healthcare.

⁃ Mobile apps and fitness gadgets (mHelath)
Thanks to the popularity of smartphones and tablets, many people actively use fitness gadgets. According to Statista, the volume of mHelath market exceeded $52,6 billion.

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