Weekly Digest: Acquisition of Twitter and Fresh Startup Funds 💎✨

The startup world is swiftly changing being filled with new deals, unicorns, and investments. Let us tell you about the brightest business events of the week.

KKR & CO Inc. Raised $19B 💰

The investment company KKR & Co Inc. attracted $19B for its KKR North America Fund XIII. KKR & Co Inc. considers it the largest fund in its 46-year history.

What is KKR?
This is a leading global investment company that offers alternative solutions for asset management, capital markets, and insurance. KKR supports investment funds engaged in private equity, credit and real assets, and has strategic partners who manage hedge funds. Overall, KKR manages infrastructure assets of about $40 billion worldwide.

In March, the company raised $17 billion from investors in the KKR Global Infrastructure Investors IV fund, which will focus on global infrastructure investments, while helping OECD countries in North America and Western Europe.

Elon Musk Acquired Twitter for $44B 🚀

The rumors were true: last Monday, Elon Musk did buy Twitter as expected. This is supposed to empower him with new privileges over social and political issues.

Reasons for the acquisition
Twitter is one of the most influential social medias on the Internet. It serves both as a platform for political leaders and as an information source for millions of normal users. By getting access to Twitter, Musk gained a powerful tool for influencing political and social institutions.

Deal details
As agreed, Twitter will become a private company and its stockholders will receive $54 for a stock. The deal will be completed by the end of this year, as long as its shareholders approve this. Musk has raised $25,5B with his personal funds and credits.

"Freedom of speech is the ground for a working democracy and Twitter is digital public square where vital questions are discussed. I want to make Twitter better than ever by complementing the product with new functions, revealing algorithms for increased credibility, and defeating spambots," Musk says.

Climate-protection Startup Raised €10M ⛈

During the A funding, Greentech Klima gained €10 million from Keen Venture Partners. HV Capital, Headline, 468 Capital and Adjacent. Overall, the startup has raised €15 million since launch.

What is Greentech Klima?
This is an app providing information on climate and personal tips on reducing emissions. It is aimed to tackle the problem of environment harm associated with CO2 emissions.

This way, the app enables users to measure their carbon footprint. On top of that, you can support certified climate-protectors by paying monthly contributions.

The company plans to allocate the raised money for launching a B2B project. It will help businesses make the app accessible for all employees.

What’s the mission?
Greentech Klima aims to consolidate eco-friendly attitude in the corporate culture. Companies play a crucial role in cultural changes required by the climate crisis.