Splitgate: how come being worth its weight in gold? 🏆

Splitgate is a $1.5 billion MMO shooter by 1047 Games Studio. It unexpectedly gained popularity this summer and grew to tens and hundreds of thousands of concurrent players.

How is it going?

During open beta testing in early summer, Splitgate began to skyrocket in popularity. The creators did not expect the exponential growth of fans and temporarily closed the servers to improve them.

To a large extent, the creators are indebted to investors for the stability of the game now. The mail was filled with letters from investors. For example, a week ago, the studio received $100 million for the third time since the beginning of May.

And what does it mean for the economy?

It means that venture capitalists have renewed their interest in the video game industry, which achieved unprecedented growth last year during the COVID-19 pandemic. Statistics confirm this: in the first half of 2021, a record number of transactions worth over $50 billion were concluded in the industry.

What is the moral of the story?

Studios' story over the past two years is a great example for aspiring developers who don't want to go the traditional route. In most cases, game designers and programmers join large teams before starting their own business. There is a tendency to launch new unions with those with experience in the industry.

Startup studios allow to projects to be completed in a short time with a minimum of errors. Also, associations attract more investor attention than single person. Splitgate project once again proves that people are stronger when they join forces. 🗯️

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