Our weekly competition winner, the time-sharing platform Listva, has launched its MVP version 🚀🚀🚀

The startup's target audience consists of over 800, 000 tech companies, as well as 100,000 000+ qualified employees in IT, retail, education, travel, banking and manufacturing. It has an international team located in Europe, the USA, India and African countries.

In 2025, the platform may take 2% of the team collaboration software market and exceed revenue of €472 million.

The MVP version of Listva provides a database of experts in the most popular sectors of the innovative economy, as well as a communication platform on Telegram. There, the participants can team up, propose their projects, and discuss trends in FinTech, Legaltech, BioTech, GreenTech, etc.

The database stores parameters of participants such as name, time zone, profession, competencies, experience, fields of interest, learning needs, teaching abilities, and expert's contacts for the public.

Sounds interesting?

🙋🏽‍♂️Get free unlimited access to the full list of parameters of registered experts until 30.09.2022! Just go to 👉Listva ( 🌿

The five members of Listva team have been developing this project since May 2022:

🔸CEO Sergey Arlov (6+ years in media and product management);

🔸CTO Nikita Derevyannykh (14+ years in IT-development);

🔸Head of Design Alexander Savchenko (10+ years in UX/UI design);

🔶CISO and Head of Legal Kirill Baranov (6+ years in legal);

🔸Head of PR and Marketing Olga Korovina (5+ years in PR).

The team's plans for 2022 are to attract the first users, take part in the NURIS startup accelerator in Kazakhstan, and raise the first external funds. On top of that, the guys are intended to start working on the main version of the product for the B2B sector.

We are very proud of the Listva’s team and wish them keep working on their outstanding project! 💪🏼🔥