What is Agile: components, values, and origin 📌✨

Agile is a value system or even business philosophy. It helps focus on the main things and get rid of unnecessary formalities in order to create a working product fast and efficiently.

Agile appeared as opposed to out-dated approaches and excessive bureaucracy in IT sphere. The residents of Silicon Valley realized that a conservative environment doesn’t allow to create innovative products. This way, an international manifesto was developed. It included the most progressive approaches.

The essence
Agile is a flexible approach to software development that is often used in small teams. The whole working process on a project is divided into two iterations — short cycles lasting for 2-3 weeks. Each iteration is responsible for its series of duties: requirement analysis, design, programming, testing, and documentation. After each of the iterations the team analyzes results and changes the priorities of the next cycle. Ultimately, over the cycle a mini-product or a separate part is created.

As a rule, agile teams include developers, examiners, project managers, interface designers, and UX writers. All of them hierarchically equivalent and work in the same office. They save time discussing the current processes by means of personal talks. The customer is a product owner that regularly gives feedback.

Agile-manifesto is based on four crucial values:

⁃ People and their interaction are more important than processes and tools. It’s necessary to create such conditions that tools and processes don’t restrict the team, but allows it to work even more effectively. Everyone one talks directly neglecting of bureaucratic procedures.

⁃ A working product is more important than documentation and reporting. A client primarily needs an efficient product. Therefore, everyone within Agile focuses on that a product is ready to use as soon as possible.

⁃ Cooperation with a customer is more important than formal terms. Even though there is a contract with strict terms, they can change in the work. In doing so, any decision has to be made collectively.

⁃ A willingness to changes is more important than sticking to the plan. Changes are necessary to implement at each stage. It’s fine to sacrifice something planned if the main objectives are accomplished.

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