How to build a dream team 👩🏻‍🔧💎

Around 30% of startups fail due to a weak team. In order to make your startup work like a dream, you need a perfect team of professionals. Here is your guide on how you can do this.

Draw the company’s structure
Before building a team, you should understand what your startup is going to look like. Ideally, make two pictures:

⁃ The structure of MVP (minimal viable product). Think of how many people you would need at this point and what qualities and abilities they should possess. As the product has to include only a basic set of functions, consider specialists you need the most.

⁃ The structure of your company in a year. Typically, you will need more specialists as the product’s functions expand. Try to foresee what professionals you might need further.

The structure will change, which is natural for startups. However, it will give you the overall picture of the staff you need at the first stages.

Then, sequence the employment. Set priorities who you need first, second, etc. First workers will be the core of your minimal viable project. Employ as many people as you need at the current moment.

Choose suitable workers
Your team should have competent, responsible, and motivated people. At the first stage, there is no possibility to experiment with posts or departments, so try to employ right people at the first attempt.

Your team should be passionate about the idea as well as you are. In that case, they will push the project forward and bring success.

Employ experience staff
Though you don’t have to pay a big salary to the beginner, you will have to teach them a lot. As we know, time is money, so you will waste more.

Besides, the cost of the mistake is too high. An inexperienced worker may not handle their duties giving poor results. Therefore, it’s better to employ more qualified specialists who will teach you instead.

Consider specialists’ expectations
Even the most qualified workers ever may let you down. The thing is what they expect.

When it comes to startups, all the plans and budgets are constantly changing and only one person is in charge of the entire field.

Those who used to work in large corporations may not manage the system. Find the golden mean — employ the best candidates who understand what to expect from a startup.

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