Top tech European startups in 2021📲💡

The tech industry is constantly growing due to its comprehensive influence. More and more companies are popping up in the market and becoming unicorns. Particularly, Europe is a prosperous space for developing a tech startup. By the way, if you haven’t read our trend on the tech industry, check it out! Meanwhile, let’s have a look at one of the most promising tech startups in Europe.

Origin: London 🇬🇧
Total of investments: $53 million
Business model: app

This is a service helping to make up a healthy and balanced diet. ZOE uses personal data of users in order to let them gradually change the diet instead of starting on a strict diet right away. The platform sends the clients special tests of blood and stool. With the help of them it’s possible to identify the amount of fat and glucose in the body.

Origin: Amsterdam 🇳🇱
Total of investments: $44 million
Business model: software

The startup produces profitable and energy efficient nano-satellites. In March 2021, Hiber raised €26 million from EU and private investors in order to connect remote world areas to the Internet. The company also connects the sensors to different devices. For example, it enables to remotely manage watering plants or hardware.

Origin: Stockholm 🇸🇪
Total of investments: $4 million
Business model: app

The app provides short calls-consultations. It works only by invitation, and the time limit of calls is 5 min. Consultants set the price themselves. Experts share advice on business and career matters, mental health, etc. Now there are 10,000 people in the waiting list of Anyone.

Origin: Jerusalem🇮🇱
Total of investments: $500 million
Business model: banking

This is a free tool for managing your payments. The service allows small business to send and receive payments online. Clients can submit the bills of suppliers and plan the payments from debit and credit cards. Melio, subsequently, issue them by bank transfer or receipt. The startup reaches a unicorn status thanks to American Express and SalesForce’s support.

Origin: Stockholm 🇸🇪
Total of investments: $4 million
Business model: app

This is a virtual office for workers. The company create a platform to work on for Windows and Mac. It is able to copy real office spaces. Employees can enter and leave rooms, switch only to videos, and use a radio mode for short phrases.

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