How to create an innovative culture💡🙌

Innovative culture is the key to success. By creating an innovation-friendly environment, founders substantially increase their chances to outperform competitors and generate bigger income. How can you do it?

There are certain principles you should stick to in order to make your startup innovative.

🔸The company should come up with a strategic plan and vision in which direction the company wants to move and communicate to all members of the group. They also need to set clear goals for the team.

🔸Each member of the company should understand the exchange of ideas and knowledge is welcomed.

🔸Experiments and project development are expected from all employees and are rewarded well.

🔸Employees are not punished for making mistakes. On the contrary, they are viewed as an opportunity to learn lessons and grow.

🔸The team should be aware that risks are an integral part of the business.

🔸Innovation is not possible with a rigid bureaucracy. Employees who are engaged in the development of innovative projects need a certain freedom of action, flexibility, means and resources to implement their ideas.

🔸In order to form innovative thinking among employees, it is necessary to teach them the skills of generating ideas, analyzing information, creating business projects, and protecting them.

🔸The company should be an open ecosystem and use not only internal potential, but also resort to the use of external consultants, analysts, universities, research centers, etc.

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