Top World Unicorns 🦄💰

A unicorn — a startup valued at over $1 billion. In 2013, only 0,07% of young companies attracted external funding. However, in 2020, the rate reached 5%, and today there are more than 800 unicorns all over the world. It means the business environment is getting more favorable for startups’ development. Let’s overview the most famous ones.

Country: China
Valuation: $180 billion
Business model: app

This is a parent company of TikTok. It allows creating and watching short videos. In 2018, this company became the major unicorn in the world. Despite a bunch of scandals and notorious hype, TikTok remains one of the most popular apps ever. According to Wallaroo Media, its number of users exceeded 1 billion.

Country: China
Valuation: $160 billion
Business model: app

This is a mobile app for video sharing and live streaming. At the beginning of 2021, the company’s stocks soared by 194% after having raised $5,4 billion investments. That’s been the largest IPO in the tech industry after Uber.

As well as TikTok, the app allows making, watching, and uploading short video on smartphones. The key difference — the target audience. While TikTok is popular with youngsters, Kuaishou is used by people living in the country. That’s why many advertisers collaborate with the platform to attract new customers.

Country: the USA 🇺🇸 / Ireland 🇮🇪
Valuation: $115 billion
Business model: software

This is a tech startup that offers online payment accepting and processing for e-commercial businesses. Stripe’s clients are over 1 million companies like Zoom, Slack, GitHub, Asos, Lyft, and others. In 2020, the company’s systems processes nearly 5,000 requests a second. Supposedly, the payment sum which Stripe is processing now is bigger than the entire e-commerce market.

Country: the USA 🇺🇸
Valuation: $74 billion
Business model: spacecraft

The startup is founded by Elon Musk. Its aim is to reduce transportation costsfor space flights and start Mars colonization. SpaceX designs, manufactures, and launches advanced rockets and spacecraft. The company is engaged in developing Starlink — global high-bandwidth Internet. Thanks to the large-scale funding, Musk’s space project has grown by 60%.

Didi Chuxing
Country: China 🇨🇳
Valuation: $62 billion
Business model: transportation

The company provides a wide service range: taxi and shuttle request, bike rent, food delivery, and financial services like loans and insurance. As apractitioner in the sharing economy initiative, DiDi is committed to collaborating with communities to tackle transportation, environmental challenges, and employment problems using big data-driven deep-learning algorithms. The startup operates in Asian-Pacific region, Latin America, and Russia. As estimated, Didi is used by 550 million people.

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