Advice from famous people ⭐️💎

Richard Branson — the founder of Virgin Group:
"Never regret the past. Move only forward."

It is incredible how much time people spend on regretting their mistakes instead of directing their energy to what they need now. When doing a business, it’s important to view fails not as mistakes but a new experience.

Donald Trump — the ex-president of America:
“Be an outsider!”

Trump is sure than only outsiders are able to change the world. Nothing never comes easy. Those who follow their beliefs are criticized by those who don’t dare to do this. Confront the current system and push your idea forward. The more tenacious and assertive you are, the more you will get.

J.K. Rowling — the authoress of Harry Potter novels:
"Accept defeat".

Rowling is sure that we don’t have a enough of a talk about fails. "If someone had told me I would lose once, it would have helped me."

Before becoming the richest woman on the planet, she used to be a destitute single mom with a child. Many publishing houses refused her stories calling them boring. However, Rowling’s fails eventually helped her become what she is today.

Bill Gates — the founder of Microsoft:
"Don’t complicate”.

Everything genius is simple. Bill Gates admires Warren Buffet’s ability to keep everything short and simple. "You can ask him about a business area, and he recalls several basic facts and numbers. Warren chooses familiar things and works on them for a while. The way he simplifies things is kind of a genius."

Warren Buffet — CEO of Berkshire Hathaway:
"Be modest and restrained."

The most precious advice the world richest investor has received from Thomas Murphy: "Never forget, Warren, you can always tell a person screw themselves. Therefore, before doing this, wait for tomorrow. Then you will realize whether the anger remains or it was a compulsion."

Buffet is certain the key to good relationships with people — the ability to calm down and change yourself acquiring the traits you admire.

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