Artificial intelligence trends and bots’ role in them⚡️🤖

Looking for a technology that would optimize your business? AI is a must for all the entrepreneurs who want to keep their startup cost-effective and up-to-date.

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AI Trends in Business
From Alibaba's Hema stores in China to Amazon’s Go locations across the United States and the UK, even brick and mortar stores are going high tech.

While this scale of technology might be out of reach for smaller businesses, there are simple solutions that can transform even the smallest startup. Whatever the industry, there are countless ways to improve the customer experience.

Even salons, which have had the same basic business model for generations, are getting in on the action. Artificial intelligence like SalonAI offers customer-friendly options for small businesses to manage appointments, target customers, and upsell services.

Why Bots Are Essential to Businesses

Why is artificial intelligence important in a hair salon? Because customers want it and, increasingly, they have come to expect it. In the world of personal services, 89% of customers prefer to have a chatbot, and that number is even higher amongst millennials.

Very few people want to fill out a form on a website, email, or call a receptionist during business hours. Being able to send a message and get a quick response is becoming the norm.

This convenience can be the difference between gaining a new customer or seeing them go for a more convenient option. While years ago there was a focus on talking to a real person, those days are long gone with the incredible improvements in tech.

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