Top e-commercial startups💸

As soon as the Internet appeared, e-commerce started its development. It means purchasing or selling goods by means of online recourses. Currently, the industry is dynamically evolving into the largest market ever. Moreover, it has already critically influenced traditional trading. Hence, more and more startups are being created in the hope of reaping e-commerce benefits.

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Country: the USA 🇺🇸
Total of investments: $9 million

The startup develops a partnership network for live shopping commerce. They create a platform of video-commerce for merchants and drive traffic by means of media collaborations. The company also provides a function of integrating a video player with Shopify for $6 a month.

Initially, they aimed at music and book, attracting famous musicians to the platform. For the time being, Talkshop is focused on food, cosmetics, fashion, and sports.

Country: Chile 🇨🇱
Total of investments: $77 million

This is a wellbeing and insurance platform aimed at allowing companies and employees to improve their health. They provide insurance, telemedicine, mental health examination, meditations, and nutraceuticals. Betterfly also motivates its users to do healthy activities by rewarding them with a digital currency. 300 business have already been involved in the project. They pay $4 for an employee per month.

Country: the USA 🇺🇸
Total of investments: $3 million

The company enables merchants to save their time on marketplaces when reselling goods. The aim is to let businesses concentrate on the search of new offers instead of monitoring listings. Hammoq updates them on all the platforms in order to achieve maximal sales. Merchants only upload photos and pass a small quiz. Further, the system manages their sales automatically. The monthly subscription costs $99 and more.

Country: Sweden 🇸🇪
Total of investments: €2 million

This is a Swedish SaaS company that offers trademark accessible and affordable protection. The startup develops the most innovative technology on the market via combining tech, know-how, and investments.

The aim is to enhance the customer experience, streamline processes and lower the cost of intellectual property protection. Digip provides a single window for registering and managing trademarks across the world for $33 a month.

Country: the USA 🇺🇸
Total of investments: $5 million

This is a QR code-driven software startup powering the fastest shopping experience. The company is predicated on iOS App Clips technology. Batch makes it easier for customers to order or replenish a product in less than 10 seconds. The startup is making the physical world instantly shoppable.

For example, if you run out of shampoo you can scan its QR-code and order a new one within a minute. Batch is monetized by B2B SaaS model: they provide fast payments by integrating with Shopify.

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