Why are millions invested in a mushroom startup?

The American startup Myco Technology positions itself as a “mushroom startup”. The company learned to use mushrooms as a natural bioreactor, which opened up an incredible list of possibilities for the company.

Their ClearIQ powder is a versatile condiment and flavor enhancer. It blocks bitterness receptors on the tongue, and the person, accordingly, does not feel it, no matter what is in the mouth. If you decide to switch to dark chocolate, this seasoning will be enough to not feel the edge.

The startup recommends using a magic remedy for beneficial purposes. You can, for example, add less salt and sugar to dishes with it. The final sensations will be the same as before, and there will be less extra calories in the stomach.

The seasoning exists and is available to wholesalers. Myco claims it has the necessary approvals from nearly every major global regulator, including the FDA, so it can be used now.

Last summer, the startup raised $ 40 million in investment.