​5 Zuckerberg’s favorite books📚 🌎

Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of Facebook — a huge social corporation renamed as Meta now. His fortune amounts to $135 billion which gives him the 3-d place in the Forbes list. Mark has managed to achieve incredible glory and wealth, though he didn’t expect it at all. Once he set a new task — to read a new book every two weeks. Mark is sure books enable us thoroughly explore the subject. These are 5 books he advises to read.

📒The Idea Factory: Bell Labs and the Great Age of American Innovation — Jon Gertner

In this book the author writes about the golden age of innovations. Gertner tells us the history of the greatest American inventions: fax machines, TV transmitters, and initial phone use. All the advanced devices, supposedly, originate in Bell Labs.

📙Portfolios of the Poor — Daryl Collins, Jonathan Morduch, Stuart Rutherford, Orlanda Ruthven

The researchers have spent 10 years on exploring the financial environment of the lowest society layers in Bangladesh, India, and South Africa. The fundamental discovery of the book — extreme poverty thrives not where people earn little, but in the place that lacks any financial institutions for saving money. Strikingly, over 3 billion people live off $2,5 a day. This book reveals the ways of how each of us can help poor people.

📗Creativity, Inc. — Ed Catmull

This is a Pixar story written by one of the computer animation giants. Besides the company story itself, Catmull shares helpful advice on management and entrepreneurship. From his point of view, a company shouldn’t prevent their employees from expressing their creative thinking.

📘The Player of Games — Iain Banks

The book explores the way our civilization would look like if hyper advanced technologies, created to satisfy our needs, conquered the human. It has an interesting narrative manner and plausible achievements in the IT industry. This story is also in Elon Musk’s list of favorite books.

📕Dealing with China — Henry M. Paulson Jr.

Mark Zuckerberg has been admiring Chinese culture for the last few years. He learnt to speak Chinese, and one of his long-term goals was to convince China to allow their citizens to use Facebook.

The book is written by the ex-minister of treasury in the USA. The aim is to explain the recent global rise of China and its world influence. Over the past 35 years China went through one of the greatest economic and social transformations ever. Hundreds of millions of people broke the poverty. Mark asserts that China has made more efforts to help destitute people than anyone else.

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