You cannot defeat danger without danger

After identifying the risks that you may face you should assess their likelihood and possible damage.

The risk assessment is divided into two stages:

1. Qualitative analysis identifying factors that can lead to a decrease in the effectiveness of the project.

The main techniques for qualitative risk assessment are:

- "Brain storming" method
- Ranking method
- Analogy method

2. Quantitative analysis requires you to estimate the amount that you can lose.

The most popular methods are:

- Sensitivity analysis
- Analysis of the expected monetary value

The number of analysis methods is enormous. The choice of an assessment method depends on various factors, for example:

- Objectivity and reliability of information
- Qualifications and experience of team members
- Software resources

There is a method for teams of all levels to prepare for the complexities of a startup. Find your path to success and remember to constantly analyze what you are doing.