5 tips you need to know before launching a startup ✏️📘

Starting your business is easier said than done. There are many factors to take into account which can get you stuck. The first steps you take are the crucial ones. Though, we will help you out: here are the recommendations on what you can do beforehand.

1. Look for negative reviews
Collect as many critical reviews as possible and bear in mind the harshest ones. If you can change their mind, you will be able to persuade anyone. Assess your ideas from the perspective of stark reality. Positive reviews are pleasant to read, though they don’t reflect the difficulties your product might face.

2. The result matters
Many business beginners mistakenly think only hard work leads to success. However, if you spend long hours on thinking through strategies, you will achieve more putting less effort. Your productivity will grow so you are more likely to achieve your goals.

3. Focus on what you can’t do
No matter what you can do, the main things is what you can’t. Our brain has a limited capacity of productive time. The less you work, you bigger your possibilities are in terms of thinking beyond work tasks.

You have to assign the responsibilities. Once you learn to do it, you will acquire the most important leader skill. Assigning responsibilities allow you to scale up your workability and enhance the results with the help of others. In order to efficiently assign responsibilities you will need social skills, humility, and self-confidence. Though, next time there will be no need to increase working hours. Think of those who could help you.

4. Learn from others’ mistakes
Of course, you can learn from your own mistakes. However, if you pay your attention to others’ experience, your mistakes will be more original, which means greater value for the community.

Try to get acquainted with experienced people that are better than you at something. Besides, there are TED lectures, blogs, books, and online communities like Idea Factory.

5. Community will give you more
Friends always provide positive feedbacks because they sincerely believe in your success. That’s why your nearest and dearest are a biased source of reviews. Instead, you can address the community of your potential customers and investors, other businessmen and experts in your industry. They can give you an unbiased overview of your project.

Which tips do you find the most effective? Share in comments 💬