10 common mistakes when making a pitch deck 📊🧑🏻‍🏫

A pitch deck is a short presentation about your business idea, plan, or overview. Normally, it is designed via PowerPoint. A pitch deck is necessary when you have to introduce your business idea for investors, customers, partners, or us — Idea Factory. Once you are able to make a worthy pitch, your chances to promote your idea are increased. Let’s overview the errors you should avoid in order to make a perfect pitch deck.

Inappropriate content
Well-selected information is the key to success of any presentation. It’s important to choose things to include in your pitch deck in accordance with your target audience. Think of the content that would interest not you but your listeners.

No structure
Your content should be clearly structured and sequenced well. Otherwise, it’s hard to convey your idea. The most important things is to make a plan beforehand: introduction, problems, solutions, conclusion.

Too many slides
Try to keep your presentation brief and informative. Therefore, define in advance how long your pitch deck is supposed to last. Allocate 1-3 min for each slide. This way you will understand how many slides you need and make each of them meaningful for others.

Complicated charts
When putting a chart into your presentation, mind it should be so simple that everyone could understand it within 10 seconds. Otherwise, the public will not work it out and your chart will end up pointless.

Overloaded slides
Don’t put a bunch of words in the slide. Each slide has to contain not more than 30 words and only one message. All the rest things will be extra and the audience will not remember them.

Old-fashioned style
Refuse the set of effects offered by PowerPoint. A relevant trend of designing a pitch deck tends to be simple. Use a white background, give up gradients, and so on. All these things divert one’s attention from your presentation.

Not contrast colors
The speaker and audience perceive slides differently. As a rule, a projector fades colors. So try to use saturated colors of the background and text.

Bad quality of images
Spend some time on finding good quality pictures for your pitch deck. There are many photo banks with images of a perfect quality. The best solution is to take your own photos and illustrations. This way you will avoid using pictures that someone had already included before you. Each slide should have not more than 2 images.

No captions for illustrations
The power of visualization is the speed of giving information. Though, it’s important to keep it simple and understandable. That’s why don’t forget to add captions to your charts and graphics.

Unreadable text
There should be not so much text but it has to be well-readable. Basically, fonts without serifs look much better, for example, Arial, Tahoma, Verdana. If the text is not visible in the pictures, it’s better to type it in slides.

Which mistake do you find the crucial one? Share in the comments 💬