Weekly Digest: Improvado’s Funds, Lemon Cash’s Achievements, and SpaceX’s Valuation 💎🌟

Improvado Raised $22M👤💰
This is a platform for analyzing and evaluating marketing business investments in social media promotion.

Recently, it has raised $22 million from Updata Partners in the A funding. The startup plans to allocate the money for expanding the staff and improving the product. In 2021, Improvado’s team grew by 30%.

The startup enables brands to quickly analyze profitability of their investments on social media like YouTube, Salesforce, and TradeDesk.

According to Crunchbase, the total of raised investments is $8 million not including the latest funding.

"Today we have employees in every time zone. By the end of 2022, we are intended to increase the team by 50% more in each field: development, support, and marketing," — the founder says.

Lemon Cash: Crypto-Based Startup from Argentina 🇦🇷🍋

Argentina is considered one of the most promising regions for the crypto industry. The reason is the high inflation makes people look for an alternative to the national currency. Borja Martel Seward and Marcelo Cavazzoli took advantage of this opportunity by setting up a new fintech service.

The startup is projected to become a unicorn by reaching the valuation of over $1 billion in 2022.

Lemon Cash is a blockchain-based service that offers e-wallet services to provide both traders and users with access to cryptocurrency fast and safely.

The platform helps customers send and receive money by credit and debit cards, as well as buy, store, and sell crypto assets like bitcoin and ETH.

Lemon Cash has launched its own crypto card in the partnership with Visa. For payment, the necessary amount of money is converted into cryptocurrency and the customer receives a 2% cash back from every purchase.

The waiting list accounted for 60,000 people. In 2022, the startup is planning to issue 3 million cards.

Cavazzoli admits "Our main secret is that we’re socially focused. All the products we create are aimed to expand society rights and opportunities."

SpaxeX Became The Most Valued American Startup 🚀🔥

Elon Musk’s project was estimated to have the highest valuation in the US. Considering the latest transactions on the secondary market, it was valued at over $125 billion which is $10 billion more than its main competitor Stripe.

SpaceX’s valuation exceeded $125 billion which made it the first startup in America and second in the world after Bytedance.

Therefore, the company outpaced the Fintech giant Stripe based on the secondary market deals.

The startup’s stocks rose up to $72 per share. Although, in October 2021, they were sold for $56 when SpaceX became a hectocorn having exceeded $100 billion.

Its founder Elon Musk is the world wealthiest person with the capital of $226 billion and owns 44% of SpaceX shares.