Top European startups 🏩✨

Origin: London 🇬🇧
Total of investments: $1 billion

The service offers virtual events. The pandemic has principally changed the way our lifestyle: people have shifted to online. Thus, the startup enables users to attend conferences from any part of the world. Currently, Hopin operates in 42 countries and serves 95,000 customers. In 2021, the startup raised $400 million and became a unicorn.

Origin: Amsterdam 🇳🇱
Total of investments: €42 million

This is an online supermarket delivering organic products. The startup set up a delivery chain which allows to collect fresh products from 650 manufacturers. Customers receive their orders within a day. Crisp is taking advantage of consumers moving online, and willing for fresh natural food. Recently, the company has raised €30 million.

Stockeld Dreamery
Origin: Stockholm 🇸🇪
Total of investments: €20 million

The company produces vegan cheese. The first product they released was Stockeld Chunk. This is vegan cheese consisting of pea, beans, and a secrete flavorant. It is produced via fermentation and resembles feta cheese. Since the veganism movement is gaining popularity in Europe, startup’s products are in huge demand.

Origin: Barcelona 🇪🇸
Total of investments: €764,000

This is an eco-friendly affordable clothing brand. They buy clothes manually meeting number limits. Besides, unsold goods are recycled instead of being exported to the dump. This helps reduce the production waste and be sustainable. Laagam supplies products to 60,000 customers across the world.

Amai Proteins
Origin: Tel-Aviv 🇮🇱
Total of investments: $850,000

The startup develop special protein with zero caloric content. Its aim is to tackle the obesity issue. The company integrates a computing design and fermentation in order to make the product cheaper, tastier, and much sweeter than sugar. Amai Proteins has been collaborating with Danone, PepsiCo, and OceanSpray at the research stage. They are going to launch the first products in 2022.

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