Disruptive startup: how to change the market 🏆🙌

Disruptive startup is not just a company challenging the industry. This is a new innovative business that disrupts and outpaces the established players.

However, a disruptive product is not only about innovations. This is a fresh approach to customers’ problems. A disruptive innovation is the product that changes consumers’ patterns or offers a new business model.

How to become a disruptive startup?

Understand the customers
A disruptive company should realize how well they know their customers. However, you don’t need to focus on numbers like age or income. What you need instead is the understanding of customers’ problems and solutions to them.

One of the examples of disruptive startups is BaseTracK. Developing unmanned vehicles the company approached customers’ problems in an absolutely new but yet efficient manner.

Though the company operates in a trendy niche, BaseTracK came up with a technique different from competitors’. Most market players use costly optical systems that work worse in the snow, rain, fog, etc.

BaseTracK decided to integrate data from geo-informatics with a view to optimize the process. Thus, the technology works properly no matter what the weather is like. In addition, it is cheaper than traditional optical systems.

The speed of implementation
The second crucial component of a disruptive startup — to verify the product value for customers.

For instance, logistic companies face a big problem — high fuel consumption which constitutes 30-40% of the overall costs.

The startup can offer the following solution: the system builds up a 3D road map considering the relief, and tells the driver where he should slow down or speed up. The technology allows to reduce the fuel consumption by 20-30%.

As soon as a consumer sees a great value in a solution and wants to buy it right away, the technology is likely to be in great demand. If a startup doesn’t have a revenue or preorders, it can test the hypothesis through pilots or experiments.

What industries you can disrupt
You should look not only at new and popular industries. You can build a disruptive startup even in a large and mature market which is hard to change at the first sight.

As an example, only several years ago hotel chains prevailed in the hotel business. Though inside it was an unstructured market of short-term rental housing.

Airbnb managed to transform it into a large market. For the time being, this is a major competitor of all the hotel chains and booking systems.

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