In what area to develop in order to get funding for sure?

We regularly hear about the fact that venture capital companies receive excellent funding and break all records. Over the past four years, the amount of investment has quadrupled. But in which areas are the largest investments being made? Let's consider.

AI and machine learning

In 2020, investments in this area amounted to $ 73 billion. The amount of data for processing is growing, and therefore smart mechanisms that can process it quickly and accurately are required. AI is used in many areas which generate large profits, and therefore investors are not stingy. AI can help automate vehicles, reduce energy consumption, ensure customer focus and safety.

Quantum computing

Some of the quantum companies have already managed to grow to a value above $ 1 billion in 2021. Among them are PsiQuantum, IonQ, ArQit. The creation of quantum computers is required to increase the speed of computation by several orders of magnitude. With such technologies, science, medicine and many other promising areas will reach a new level. The startup PsiQuantum alone received $ 450 million for the development of a quantum computer, the main task of which will be the development of new drugs and solving optimization problems.


In 2021, there are more than 36 billion devices in use that can be used for cyberattacks. Savings and company data are stored electronically, and therefore many large entrepreneurs are willing to invest millions in security. The success of many platforms depends on how well the client's capital is preserved. Precedents of attacks on which companies lose billions are systematically emerging. Because of this, cryptography and cyber resilience technologies are popular.


The COVID-19 pandemic has shown how important it is for us to manufacture disease-fighting methods, which is why the demand for biotechnology has skyrocketed in 2020. Already this year, the first startups worth $ 10 billion appeared. Intellia, which developed the CRISPR / Cas-9 genome editing system, raised $ 690 million in July this year. The technology makes it possible to deal with the cure of cancer, genetic diseases and much more.

Foodtech and agrotech

75% of investments in this area were attracted by the so-called “meat in a test tube”. Investors are interested in the issue of producing alternative sources of protein. As you know, a healthy human existence without proteins is impossible, and therefore the topic will always be relevant. At the moment, the production of such meat is very expensive, but the development of technology can solve this issue. There are also projects that allow robotizing land cultivation and harvesting.


The world is concerned about the ecological situation of the planet, and therefore an active transition to alternative and renewable energy sources is underway. Plug Power, a company that develops the use of hydrogen as an energy source, has risen in price by 10 times. Hydrogen aircraft startup ZeroAvia has raised $ 13 million in funding.


The drone market reached $ 50 billion in 2020 and continues to grow. In the first half of 2021, startups raised $ 4 billion. The most promising areas are unmanned aerial vehicles, autonomous control systems, infrastructure development projects and the development of robots. Air taxi startup Joby Aviation has already received more than $ 700 million. The taxi is an electric helicopter with 6 propellers, which can reach speeds of up to 320 km / h and fly 240 km without recharging. Commercial transportation is planned for 2024.