Success Principles from Steve Jobs 🌟

❤️Do what you like

Jobs once said, "With passion, people can change their lives for the better."

And when asked about the advice he wants to give to aspiring entrepreneurs, Steve replied: "I was accepting a job as a busboy or something like that until I realized what really fascinates me." It is the love for his work and inspiration that chiefly contributed to Apple’s success.

Passion is the best fuel of success. Problems always arise, but love helps you keep going whatever happens on your way.

🤲Make your own contribution

Jobs believed in the power of the worldview. He once asked John Scully, the formers Pepsi’s president: "Do you want to spend your life selling sugar water or changing the world?".

Remember that any startup is committed to bringing benefit to people. And the most helpful projects become the most successful ones as a result. Focusing just on money is a road to nowhere.

🌈Combine different things

Jobs was convinced that creativity unites things. He meant that people with extensive life experience see those things that others do not pay attention to.

Steve took calligraphy classes from the renowned trappist monk Robert Palladino. It had no practical significance at that time, but established the basic understanding of beauty.

Jobs further used them to develop typography and design for the first Macintosh. Later he traveled to Asia and India, studied design features and traditions of hospitality.

Try to think out of the box — master the different and create a new one out of it. This is what helped Steve set up a legendary corporation with.

🙅🏽‍♂️Learn to say no

Jobs was as proud of what Apple produced as he was of what they gave up. Steve returned to the company in 1997 and within two years reduced the range of devices from 350 to 10. This allowed the company to focus on the best products.

You should be able to prioritize things — concentrate your efforts on the important and refuse what you don’t really need.

📜Convey the message

Even though you have a brilliant idea, it’s impossible to succeed without being able to pitch it properly. It just doesn’t make sense.

Jobs still remains one of the world's best corporate orators. Instead of just giving a presentation, as most people do, he inspired, entertained, educated, and informed in one show.