Richard Branson’s advice for novice entrepreneurs: delegation is the key!☝🏼🌟

Richard Branson is the founder of Virgin Group, one of the most recognizable brands across the globe. The company has brought tons of money to Richard so his fortune amounts to $6,5 billion.

Of course, there is a number of factors which contributed to Virgin Group’s success. However, as Branson says, the ability to delegate helped him the most. So, that’s what Richard recommends doing in order to delegate properly.

Analyze your strong and weak points
Define your strengths and weaknesses. Think of the current tasks. What business elements you find the most enjoyable and stress-free? What is challenging for you? Ask what your friends and relatives think about it. As soon as you collect all the results, write them down.

Determine your company’s strengths and weaknesses
Do the same in terms of your company. Identify what improvements it needs and what problems it has to tackle in order to scale up. This will give you types of skills, assets, experience level, and personal qualities your business or team lacks.

Consider the team
Take advantage of your conclusions in order to assess the current team. You need to build up a dynamic and diverse team if you are willing to delegate authority and succeed.

Look for people with the traits you do not possess but would love to. Spend some time on searching employees who understand how business works and know how it can be improved aligning with your views.

Establish a favorable ambiance
Change the hierarchy and create corporative culture where each idea is welcomed, communication is open, and every single decision is collaboration-based. It’s important to mind that people are your most valuable asset so it’s worth investing in them.

Relax but yet control
Once you build a loyal and talented team, you can sit back and assess the overall picture. In the meantime, it’s essential to keep accessible and connected to all the company’s parts.

What do you think about delegating? Which advice do you find the most important one? Text in comments! 💬