Wavve introduces video podcasts 🎧

Podcast services have been experiencing a surge in demand. There are more and more daily podcast listeners. In the US it is estimated that there will be 100 million podcast users by 2024. Content makers are looking for new ways to spread their podcasts by means of social media. Platforms like Wavve are used to promote audios on Facebook, Instagram, and other social nets.

Wavve presents the indie hacking movement. This means that the company is engaged in doing digital business without making venture or outside investments. Though some indie hackers accept a buyout. In 2021, Calm Capital acquired Wavve.

So what is Wavve? This is a tool turning audio clips into video format for social newtworks, e.g. Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and others. Wavve is used by content creators that make music, podcasts, or radio shows.

Wavve users can select any format they like (square, horizontal, vertical) and add various details like background. Creators can also use Wavve Link that functions like a website constructor for audio content. It allows to publish a landing page and post new episodes automatically.

Wavve succeeded to reach US$1 million in annual recurring revenue in 2020. The app was attracting an average of 9,000 free users per month in October 2020.
Currently the company is intended to optimize business operations. David Horne, the firm’s managing partner, claims that Wavve needs to be patient and purposeful now.