How Are Businesses Using Artificial Intelligence?

Using artificial intelligence at home to vacuum your floors or find the song stuck in your head is child’s play. What about at work? How can AI help you get ahead? From making workers more productive to making workflows simple, AI can do more than you might realise.

For your customers, it’s a smart way to make products personalised. A store can make recommendations based on what shoppers looked at in the past. Robotic process automation (RPA) can make every step from finding customers to delivering products simple.

Ever have a question about your Amazon order? You might have been talking to a bot. Amazon uses chatbots to offer 24/7 customer service. For customers, it means easy answers. For the company, it means happier customers, lower costs, and more profits.

Or maybe you’ve bought a car. If so, there is a good chance that artificial intelligence tested the product for you. Improving quality and lowering costs in manufacturing is another thing that AI is perfectly suited for.

One more option — a smart app like Spotify. With the help of AI, the platform analyzes listeners’ music likes and dislikes and generates personal playlists, recommendations, and songs accordingly. There is no need to look for great song by yourself. AI will find enjoyable music for you.

AI is also a brilliant way to learn. There are loads of AI-based language apps like Duolingo. The technology assesses the knowledge level of a student and provides them with a suitable material. So after passing a small test, AI determines the best topics to learn.

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