Stripe: easy rules to become a platform №1! 🥇

Stripe is an American technology company that develops solutions for receiving and processing electronic payments. It was created back in 2009 by two brothers from Ireland, John and Patrick Collinson, who are billionaires now. There’s no doubt their payment system is on a wave of success. In the last round of funding for online payment service Stripe, it raised $600 million, with an estimate of $95 billion.

But how did they achieve such a magical result “from zero to hero”?

There’re the 5 rules which were applied at the very start of the project:

1. Simplify
Look for ways to get rid of intermediaries. The shorter the path from you to your target
audience. Before Stripe appeared, vendors had to go through convoluted systems and lengthy procedures. This is what inspired the Collins to start a business!

2. Make friends
Stripe can be easily connected to almost any online platform - and it makes life a lot easier for users too. You should definitely take from it and look for partners so that you can cooperate on favorable terms.

3. Please you customers
Unlike PayPal with its complex payment system, Stripe brings a minimum of discomfort to its users - it «works from the shadows». It allows you to involve not only experienced clients, but also those who know nothing about bank transfers. As a result everyone’s satisfied!

4. Hire the best
And here we are talking not only about cool competent specialists. Find the employees with the best human qualities too — this is how you can create an atmosphere in which you want to work and which attracts talented people.

5. Be the default setting
Perhaps the best idea for your future startup is to become the №1 option for your clients. Stripe has become such in the field of accepting online payments - and it is difficult to overestimate - hundreds of thousands of transactions are carried out through the service by default!

Which advice do you consider the most helpful? Share in the comments 💬