How to turn an idea into a startup?

Do you have an idea for a startup, but don't have the team and funds to launch the project?

Most of the business support infrastructure is intended for already running businesses, since there are fewer risks when working with them. They also have higher solvency than startups at the idea stage.

But not all is lost: there are those who can help even at the idea stage. Business incubators and educational programs for technology entrepreneurs will help you get the necessary knowledge, contacts, replenish your team and find the first investors.

It can be difficult to get support with just one idea. There are many people with ideas around, and infrastructure resources are limited, so there is a selection there too.

To increase the chances of success, it is recommended that you contact there when you have assembled the minimum team necessary to launch a startup and have the first version of a product or a prototype.
Many well-known unicorn startups started out without money and with only one person in the team.

A recipe to help increase your chances of success:

1. At the beginning of the journey, the most important thing is to form a clear vision of the future product and company. This is your idea of what the product will be, who will be its consumer, what benefits it will bring to your users, how many customers you will have and what scale your future company will be.

2. Try to “sell” this vision to others to find early team members and early adopters.

3.Try to assemble a team of like-minded people without investment. You can search for such people through acquaintances, at industry events, at start-up events, in industry media, communities, chat rooms, special sites for finding employees and co-founders in startups. The main thing is that you yourself are burning with the idea, have a complete understanding of it and feel like a leader. Then the right team will gather around you.

4. Make the most primitive product and test it on early adopters for value to users.

After completing the first four steps, you can confidently go for support in business incubators and accelerators working with projects from the idea stage or continue to develop the business on your own.

Our channel will help you take all the steps and create your business. Be active, stay tuned and follow us into the future.