Top 5 space startups with ambitions to create a new market

Space travel provides us with many opportunities for development. On earth, every place has been cultivated by man, all resources have been accounted for and used. In space, there is an untouched area, where an engineer with a good imagination can realize all his ambitions.

We present to you the TOP 5 startups that have decided not to stop at space tourism.

AMC - asteroid mining

Back in 2010, the Japanese device Hayabusa successfully delivered samples from the asteroid Itokawa to Earth, but this was only a scientific mission. It is now focusing on finding asteroids rich in platinum-group metals, and plans to mine them using autonomous spacecraft. Prospects look tempting: for example, the asteroid 2011 UW158 costs, thanks to the metals it contains, about $ 5 trillion.
The company is planning to launch the first "reconnaissance" satellite in 2023.

3D Bioprinting Solutions - food printing in orbit

3D Bioprinting Solutions designs and manufactures 3D printers for printing living tissue in space. With the help of this technology, it will be possible to solve two problems at once: to print food for astronauts and organs - for people on Earth. The company has already carried out a series of experiments on printing cell structures on the ISS, including those using beef, rabbit and fish cages.

Avant Space - advertising in space

The idea is to launch satellites into orbit. Satellites will be combined into constellations and aligned so that, thanks to lasers, they form a logo or inscription on the night sky. To a user from Earth, it will look like a company logo made of artificial stars. Avant Space claims that such advertising can reach a number of 1 billion people, and the company's annual revenue will approach the $ 100 million mark.
The company plans to launch the first satellites to display advertisements from space In 2022.

Momentus - orbital tug

According to Momentus, if a large number of satellites are delivered into space on a heavy rocket, they all end up in the same orbit, from which they must be "transported to hundreds of other orbits." Momentus is now at a relatively early stage of development and is testing its technology.

Mission Space - space weather prediction

In order to prevent the activity of the Sun from suddenly disrupting the operation of power plants, factories, aircraft or valuable equipment on drilling sites, the Latvian company Mission Space (MS) is developing a system for prompt and accurate warning of dangerous activities on the star. MS notes that every year the luminary generates from 10 to 50 flares. If businesses and governments assess their threat in time, it will be possible to avoid devastating consequences for the economy. According to the estimates of Latvians, such damage can reach $ 2-3 billion.