Top agritech startups from India🥑

Agritech is getting the best developed industry across India. Loads of startups apply predictive analytics, machine learning, satellite systems and other modern technologies to maximize their productivity.

Moreover, investors plan to develop innovations in the agritech sector, particularly, in rural areas. In the nearest 5 years, the technology business incubator is bound to involve over 100 entrepreneurs in agriculture. Let’s take a look at the most prominent agritech startups.

Origin: Bangalore
Total of investments: undisclosed

This was one of the first companies in the segment of processing satellite images, big data, and IT in the agritech industry. The startup adopted the practice of crop insurance, implemented innovative solutions of agricredit, and enhanced the market relationships between suppliers and customers.

SatSure runs platforms of mobile apps for providing information on the statistics of crop supplies and weather impact on crops in the regions. This information helps farmers make right choices on what crops they need to plant, or when it’s time to water and fertilize the soil, collect harvest.

Intello Labs
Origin: Haryana
Total of investments: $8,5 million

The startup has developed solutions based on computer vision. It integrates image matching and machine learning to assess the quality of crops and give practical recommendations on cultivation. It provides advanced image recognition technology that can detect objects, faces, flora fauna, and tag them in any image.

The two key products of Intello Labs are used to control harvest and measure the quality of agricultural products. Both of them scan images and provide parameters based on original data. Besides, the company implements deep learning, AI, and IoT in order to enable farmers to effectively scale their business up.

Origin: Bangalore
Total of investments: $32,6 million

The company provides a full range of SaaS solutions for managing, monitoring, and analyzing farms globally. Its unique array of products enables stakeholders in the agri-ecosystem to adopt and drive digital strategy across their operations. CropIn creates an interconnected network by means of cutting-edge technology such as big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and remote sensing.

Last year, the startup invested $5 million in AI developing a new product named SmartRisk. This is a digital platform for micro-financial, banking, and non-banking organizations. It allows identifying and minimizing risks in the sphere of credit and insurance.

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