Taxis on cloud nine 🚕☁️

Electric flying taxis are becoming a very attractive project to invest in. Since the beginning of the year investors have put $4,3 billion into such startups. In total, funding of the future air transport has been increased by 83% in the last 5 years.

The funds were raised from venture funding and other investors’ support on entering the stock exchange.

Flying taxis are one of the most enticing markets at the moment. Some of the industry components have a promising future. Though Peter Harrop asserts that the investors who put billions of dollars crave easy money. They are in search of ‘new Tesla’.

Meanwhile, Robin Ridel believes that the enthusiasm started to calm down. The reason is there are more players now. While markets became more indifferent to SPAC trades.

Nowadays we already have electric flying machines. Such airplanes are developed in the US and Slovenia. There is also eVTOL (Electric vertical take off and landing). This is a kind of air taxis. The system is both manual and automatic. Several American companies have already ordered such machines.

Certification of aviation security remains the biggest challenge for the developing industry. The agency of aviation security expects the first commercial flying taxis to start working in 2024-2025.