New technology to protect your data📁

The issue of data confidentiality is crucial for big companies, governmental structures, and small firms. It’s important to keep documents inside a company, and that in case of a leak, they could catch the criminal. EveryTag suggests a non-standard, but efficient solution to the data security problem.

Leak of data
The market of information security keeps growing. According to Accenture estimates, in 2021 its volume will reach $202 billion. The main reason is to protect data as well as possible.

The number of employees leaks is increasing. On average the percentage of purposeful leaks is 76,8%. The only way to struggle with them is to protect the sensitive documents accessible for staff. First of all, these are reports, orders, and other materials with a seal. Such documents are especially valuable as they have an official status.

Therefore, they mustn’t fall into the hands of competitors or random people. However even signed NBA and watermarks don’t prevent from leaks. Any leak is the responsibility of a person. So, the question is how to find them.

The fight inside
Normally DLP and DRM can be used to prevent leaks. However, they are effective only in a digital space. They can’t do anything with photos of printed copies. Watermarks can partly solve the problem. Though, they are easy to remove, which many insiders are aware of.

In that case, we can replace them with invisible marking. This is the protection format that EveryTag offers. It allows to track all the actions with documents and conduct expertises in case of leaking. The mark is impossible to identify or remove.

The tasks
EveryTag technology is suited to deal with different tasks depending on the threat vector. The protection can be against:

The leaks from the workflow systems, CRM, and corporative portals. EveryTag ILD Web Access is the tool that allows to mark the documents from web apps.

The leaks when printing. EveryTag PRINT is marking of document copies when sending to print.

The leaks when sending mail attachments. EveryTag Exchange is marking of files when sending them in mail attachments.

The implementation of EveryTag increases the discipline: staff don’t abandon documents at workplace. Once finished the work with a printed document copy, they wipe it out according to the terms of confidential documents.

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