​Top Canadian startups

Canada is famous for its favorable startup ecosystem. Government incentives, a growing tech talent pool and access to venture capital — all these contribute to startup boom in the country. Canada has been placed as the forth most influential hub in the world, behind the US, Israel, and the UK.


City: Toronto
Valuation: $250-500 million
Business model: consulting&software

This is a company that assists other businesses via target advertisements. The aim is to increase their sales and attract the target customers through efficient advertising methods. Since StackAdapt was founded in 2013, the startup has raised investments amounting to $1,6 million.


City: Waterloo
Valuation: $500 million
Business model: integrator

The startup has become the largest educational platform for students. The company allows students to connect with recruiters and education providers. More than 120,000 students have used ApplyBoard in order to achieve their educational purposes. The startup has managed to attract outside investments in the amount of $180 million.

KOHO Financial

City: Toronto
Valuation: $250 million
Business model: thematic platform

This is a FinTech startup that provides an app-based banking system. The company seeks to simplify the process of assessing financial products. KOHO offers a wide range of tools for financial planning and controlling. The idea really appealed to investors which led to $110 million attracted.


City: Toronto
Valuation: $500 million
Business model: consulting&information services

The startup aims to help individual investors who are willing to increase their returns. The company creates a personal asset portfolio according to one’s requirements. This can help you accomplish your financial goals. Wealthsimple has successfully gained $1 billion outside investments. Such celebrities as Ryan Reynolds and Michael J.Fox are some of the company investors.


City: Toronto
Valuation: $250 million
Business model: software

This is a software development company. The startup provides chatbots based on the AI technology for other companies. The aim is to improve their customer support. Since 2016, Ada has become one of the major startups providing effective chatbots. The company has succeeded to impress investors and raise $190 million investments.

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