Top remarkable startups from Europe 💎✨

Origin: Dublin
Total of investments: $20 million

The startup provides a diagnostics of the connected house. Sweepr not only seeks to significantly enhance the the interaction for the homeowner but also to considerably lower the cost to for the service provider.

In order to achieve it, the company is building a platform that facilitates the integration of AI-powered, NLP-content rich, customer care capabilities into their products and services.

Origin: London 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Total of investments: $15,5 million

This is a cell-free biomanufacturing startup creating a DNA-based flow reactor. FabricNano algorithms utilize breakthroughs in synthetic biology, robotic automation, and proprietary DNA technology to tune the DNA-based immobilization matrix.

The aim is to refuse numerous chemical processes that are harmful for ecology. Developing artificial cells, the company seeks to accelerate the manufacturing of chemicals by 100 times. Ultimately, it is expected that all the fermented and petrochemical products will be replaced with biomass alternatives.

Clear Health Programs
Origin: Amsterdam 🇳🇱
Total of investments: €2 million

The company offers wearable biomarkers which help generate a personalized nutrition program. Biomarkers track your body reaction to different kinds of food and drinks. This way, the technology forms a data base according to which your perfect diet is created.

The app informs you what to do instead of just providing you with data. With the help of Clear, you are always aware of how much sleep, food, water you need and even how much stress you experience. The program is aimed at increasing the level of energy, enhancing the control over one’s weight and health as whole.

Origin: Stockholm 🇸🇪
Total of investments: €1 million

Since its launch in 2019, the startup has been helping gamers master their skills. The AI-based technology analyzes the game process of users in CS:GO, detects their weaknesses, and provides recommendations on how they can improve their skills. The website also offers exercises, creates teams for multi-player games. Today Leetify is visited by 730,000 users per month.

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