Cappasity: 3D content is the future 💎🚀

Country: Russia
Total of investments: $7,4 million
Business model: software

The startup develops complex platforms for creating 3D content. Currently, the key product of the company is 3DShot. This is an app that enables users to take 3D photos of goods. The company offers businesses solutions for designing 3-D images of goods and their integration to the website. Besides, the startup develops AR technologies.

Konstantin Popov is the founder of Cappasity. He used to do graphic design, develop websites and games. Over time, the localization of video games seemed more and more interesting to him. Therefore, in 2011, Konstantin decided to establish his own business — Biart Company. It specialized in selling and licensing 3D games and software products. The project turned out very successful — annual revenue reached $800,000.

In 2013, the market of games started to actively consolidate, which led Biart to customer loss. Konstantin was in two minds: to switch into developing games or keep risking their own products. He chose the third option — Konstantin dissolved the company and started a new business designing tools for 3-D content. That’s how Cappasity was created.

The first sales started in 2018. It was a very hard work — the company developed both platform and software product. Though the project interested many people, they didn’t sign any deal yet.

After surveying potential customers, Cappasity found out demand for turnkey products which would allow creating and integrating content. So that’s what the startup proceeded to develop.

Lately, Cappasity has raised $1 million, wherein its valuation amounts to $20 million. The company is intended to spend the funds on developing their inventions. It is also planning to attract large investments within a new funding round.

The startup has truly grand aims. They scheduled a launch of a metaverse for 2022. Konstantin announced: ‘It’s high time we combined all the inventions and maintained more content formats. Business is ready to go into 3D. A new generation is looking for innovative formats. The audience of traditional brands is getting older.’

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