Mukesh Ambani: Life Path of the Richest Person in India 💰

Coming from the family of a small trader, Mukesh Ambani succeeded to chair the largest private company in India, named Reliance Industries. According to the latest estimates, his fortune is nearly $95 billion, which gives Mukesh the title of the wealthiest Indian man. How did he manage that? Let us tell you.

In 1974, the future billionaire went to Bombay where he entered the university at the Faculty of Chemical Technology. After returning with a bachelor's degree, Mukesh started to help his father manage the Reliance Industries textile factory, founded in 1966.

In 1981, he decided to set up his own business on the basis of a risky but promising reverse integration strategy. In 1982, having a lack of knowledge in management issues, Mukesh entered Stanford University in the US.

In 1990, he founded an oil refining plant in Jamnagar, which now produces an average of 700 barrels of oil per day and is one of the largest in the world.

Reliance Industries was a family business until 2002, the death of Mukesh’s father. Then the brothers had to divide the enterprise: Mukesh got oil, gas, and textile production.

To develop the part of the holding that he inherited, Mukesh used a costly, but justified approach. He systematically introduced the world's best innovations in the chemical industry into production. The entrepreneur has established more than 50 new production facilities with branches in different regions of India. This enabled Mukesh to outperform most of the competitors for 2 years.

In 2004, he was recognized as the most influential person in the world. Back then. the size of his fortune was amounting to over $10 billion.

In 2011, Mukesh used his share of the business to diversify the production: he set up a large retail chain, which now covers almost all regions of India.

In 2016, the billionaire created a 4G network in the country that provides low-cost mobile and Internet services. This was a breakthrough for the Indian telecommunications sector.

"In business, the most important thing is self–belief and the ability to make this belief a reality", says Mukesh.