4 ways to attract customers🙋🏻‍♂️✨

Wondering how to expand your target audience? We came up with 4 methods for bigger customer flows.

Subcontractor of a large agency
A partnership with a famous agency can be a brilliant option for attracting new customers. In order to make the plan work, your startup should be substantially smaller than the agency so that its head doesn’t view you as a competitor.

Frequently, agencies refuse to work with a particular client for several reasons. They may be dissatisfied with the contract size, lack certain resources, or just be uninterested. In such cases, the agency can redirect the client to a partner company.

Companies looking for customers
Using websites for vacancy search is one of the simplest ways to involve new audience. If a startup performs the work which companies seek to assign their own employees, there is a chance to compete for customers with individual workers.

Sometimes, it’s better for organizations to attract an external contractor for doing the job rather than looking for new ones, training and supporting them.

Good quality content
The publication of great content often helps attract new customers. The point is it should be useful, not advertising. You can make helpful articles on various topics and raise the audience. In addition, it contributes to the expert image of your company.

Besides simple publications, you can create research and cases describing the projects you’ve finished. Once those customers who doubt see your results, they are more likely to trust you and buy your product/service.

Surf Twitter
With the help of search on Twitter, you can find posts from the people and companies who are looking for those who will do the service they need. Just think creatively and make a list of the key words and hashtags. Thus, your startup can find a bunch of potential customers.

Which method would you use and why? Comment below ⬇️