Mistakes when making Elevator pitch 💁🏽‍♂️📸

Elevator pitch is brief and compelling speech about your idea or project. The aim is to spark interest in your idea and make people believe and invest in it.

Typically, an elevator pitch lasts up to 1 minute. Within a minute it’s necessary to describe your idea, demonstrate its prospects and uniqueness. Mind the mistakes you should avoid in order to achieve your goals.

Follow the structure
First, introduce yourself and your idea. You should tell investors not only about your merits and work experience, but also your goals and plans for the future. There is no sense to simply speak about your abilities. It’s better to demonstrate how they can be helpful in business.

When it comes to a product, speak about its qualities, advantages, and profit. Pay attention to the latter, as your public should understand how they personally could benefit from your idea.

Complicated speech
You should avoid using complicated long sentences and sophisticated words. Make your speech as clear and simple as possible. It should flow well and be understandable for any public. It’s hard to listen to a long monotonous pitch full of unknown terms.

Make a concise and simple text. Set a timer and read it out. As soon as you meet the time, your speech sounds natural and yet persuasive, your elevator pitch can go public.

Too slow or fast pitch
Stick to an optimal pace making short pauses and highlighting the key moments. Find the golden mean: don’t either rush or drag time. Your pitch shouldn’t tire the audience but excite it.

Add mimics and gestures in order to make your pitch more emotional and lively. At the same time don’t be too expressive, everything should be appropriate. Mind your pronunciation as well. Rehearse an elevator pitch by recording yourself.

No eye contact
It’s important that you keep an eye contact with your audience. This way your elevator pitch is more compelling and exciting. It helps you involve others in the performance and look more persuasive. If you stare at the ground, it looks like you are unconfident about what you are speaking yourself.

Superficial research
Make a thorough market research. You should demonstrate you are aware of the segment your idea is going to be presented. Tell investors why the market needs your idea and how it can be helpful for customers. In case you haven’t made a research, it will be harder to convince investors.

What mistakes have you made in your elevator pitch? Share in the comments 💬