5 Startups — Future Unicorns 🦄✨

TrueBridge asked 300 venture firms to name the companies that are likely to reach the valuation of $1 billion. Then, Forbes surveyed 100 startups and derived the top list.

The amount of investments: $257 million.
Walter Cruttendern and his son Jeff founded the company in 2012. The concept is to round the ‘change’ for the purchases that customers make by debit or credit cards. Those sums are supposed to be automatically invested in the stock market. Currently Accorns has 7,7 million users and managed assets amounting to $2,3 billion. The users are charged 1$ fee per month for investment services. They also offer to serve retirement and current accounts for $3 per month.

The amount of investments: $270 million.
5 years ago Eric Kinariwala spent an hour in a local drugstore in order to buy a cure for sinusitis. Once it was his turn, the medicine was out of stock. That experience induced Eric to establish a company in New York which would offer to buy medicines via an app and get free courier delivery for 2 hours. During the pandemic Capsule turned into a real necessity.

The amount of investments: $136 million.
Tim Junio and Matt Kraning came up with an idea when they were working as consultants for Darpa. Today the startup from San-Francisco offers CVC and PayPal review of digital assets, like domains, IP addresses, and cloud infrastructure. This allows them to monitor vulnerable points and expose potential cyberattacks.

The amount of investments: $184 million.
When you look for online classes on Coursera or check NPR site, you use Algolia software. These sites along with Twitch, Under Armour, and Slack are among its 9,000 clients. The company helps them create a search on a website and, subsequently, increase online-audience involvement and revenue. With the help of Angolia the website users from San-Francisco send 3 billion search requests every day.

Cockroach Labs
The amount of investments: $195 million.
As is well-known, cockroaches are extremely hard to kill. This analogy really appealed to Spencer Kimball — the founder of Cockroach Labs. He is certain that the companies that implement cloud relational databases, are more protected from electricity shutdown or system errors. The startup built a considerable client base that includes Bose, Comcast, and Netflix.

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